Die „Filmmusik“ zu meinem Leben


Was höre ich denn so gerne?

DAS hier (teilweise mit Hörbeispielen):




Depeche Mode

In Letter Form […viel zu früh endete ein Leben…]

The Jezabels (Synthia…)

Qntal (Spiegelglas; Noit et Dia; Vogelfluc; Dulcis Amor; Flow; Schnee; La Froidor (Version Noire); Amis Raynaut; Entre moi et mon amin; …)

Se Delan (Chasing Changes; Tonight; Lost never found; …)

Nathan Gray (Wolves; Baptismal Rites)

The Cure

Deine Lakaien


Minor Victories (Give up the Ghosts; Breaking my Light; …)

Gary Numan

In Strict Confidence

Helium Vola

Henric de la Cour

No More (Turnaround; After the Rain-Passeggiata Notturna; Silent Revolt)

Iris (Another Way; Sound becomes Waves; Cries of Insanity)

Joy Division (Disorder; She’s lost control)

London Grammar (Hey now; Shyer; Wasting my young years; Strong; Metal  Dust)

Phoria (Melatonin; Everything Beta; Loss)

Marilyn Manson

Nacht Analyse

Palast (Hush)

Still Patient? (Bad Dreams; Leviathan)

The Twilight Sad (There’s a Girl in the corner; It never was the same; …)

VNV Nation (Illusion; Testament; …)

Welle:Erdball (Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son; Der Telegraph; Alles Lüge (C-64); Deutsche Liebe (C-64); Kabinett; Starfighter F-104S (The Girl  the Robot); Lebendig begraben)

Sisters of Mercy (Flood I; Never Land (A Fragment); Colours; Temple of Love)

No Devotion (Eyeshadow; Grand Central)


…und andere.


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